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We need your article to be the best of all, we are going to encourage your writing, fresh ideas, and exposure to you via ours. Once you passed in writing an SEO-friendly article you will get extensive feedback from us and an opportunity to figure closer with our team.

What we look for

✔ We accept only quality and original content. We don't publish plagiarized or copyrighted content. 

✔ The article must be compressive, interesting, and educational.

✔ Well researched with 1500-2000 words ( 2000+ words will be accepted ) with actionable tips.

✔ Avoid criticism of our competitors.

✔ Use only original or stock images. No copyright images will be accepted.

✔ Images must be compressed before uploading (<150kb)

✔ Creativity must be seen with visualization, process, frameworks, and ideas.  

Topics to write

Our website is a micro-niche ( life insurance ). Most of our audience consists of individuals and teams belonging mainly from the USA and India and many other countries. The topics must fall within the following categories.

✔ Life insurance

✔ Life insurance companies

✔ Life insurance policies review

✔ Life insurance companies review

✔ Life insurance buying guide

✔ Research 

✔ Data Analysis

✔ Resource center

✔ All about Life Insurance

Submission guidelines

✔ Article must full fill above categories and contain 1500-2000 words ( 2000+ words will be accepted ) 

✔ Our team has the right to reject your article or suggest changes in the post.

✔ You'll add a maximum of 7 backlinks from other quality resources to create a valuable post.

✔ You are engaged to add a maximum of 2 self-serving links in the post. One to your site and the other to any of your social accounts.

✔ Once the article is published it will not be terminated in future and you cannot publish the same content anywhere else.

✔ Give credit wherever needed.

✔ Finally article must be submitted with Fully SEO and well keyword researched.

How to submit

Before submitting the article Contact us so that we can identify you and facilitate you in writing the SEO-friendly post.

We accept the blog post to be submitted with Google Documents or you can insert it in email so that the team can easily provide feedback and ask for changes before publishing it on our site 

Note before writing for us

Monthly we get 10+ posts. Therefore avoid sending continuous emails for getting your article to be published or not. If we found your post really valuable, you will get notified via email.

Make a note that we do not pay for your articles but can help you in getting backlinks and promoting your website. If you are a professional writer and think that you can write an excellent article for us, mention this in e-mail and you'll be paid according other wise you'll get a maximum of 7 backlinks to your official website.

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